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Summary of Qualifications:

· Registered Professional Civil Engineer with proven experience in civil, mining, and environmental engineering.

· Knowledgeable in all phases of building construction, site design, soils analysis, drainage design, slope stability analysis, mine, oil, natural gas, 

      and highway  permitting, construction inspection and management, sewer and waterline design and permitting, and wetlands and stream analysis 

      and mitigations.

· Ability to provide practical and innovative solutions to site design and permitting problems in the mining and construction industries.

· Seasoned project design and management skills in planning, supervision, budgeting, construction estimating and report preparations.

· Adept at communications and regulatory liaison activities for project resolutions and remediation.

· Licensed Professional Surveyor involved with construction activities as well as private properties and boundary disputes.

· Licensed Professional Engineer in West Virginia and Ohio.


Technical Expertise:

· Civil Engineering design planning permitting and storm water design and permitting in the highway and commercial development industries.

· Mining engineering planning design and permitting for underground and surface mining operations throughout West Virginia since 1977.

· Planning and managing exploration programs for coal, gas, and aggregates.

· Project Design for Highways Mining, an Commercial Developments.

· Construction Management, Inspection and Quality Control Testing on Major Highways, Commercial Buildings, Land Developments, Bridges, and

      Waterline Construction.

· Construction Estimates and Bidding in the Construction Industries.

· Wetlands Studies and construction remediation.

· Stream Relocation and remediation.

· Water Collection and Acid Mine water treatment design and monitoring on Mining Sites.

· Mine Reserve analysis and studies for coal acquisitions and developments.


Technical Expertise Continue:

· Interpretation and clarification of Federal and State mining and environmental regulations.

· Professional Land Surveyor involved with construction surveying and layout.

· Boundary surveying and property line disputes.

· Resolving boundary issues between land owners.

· Aerial mapping coordination and acquisition.

· GPS surveying and control.

· Hydrological analysis and drainage design on construction and mining projects

· Drainage and structural fill construction certification for State and Federal Requirements.




Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from West Virginia University.


Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation and Management Program Certification.


West Virginia Department of Highway Certified Soils, Asphalt, Aggregate and

Concrete Technician for material control and testing on highway projects in WV.


American Concrete Institute (ACI) Licensed Concrete Field Testing Technician, Grade 1

Gary A. Covey